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ProRenee Skincare Malaysia Brand Ambassador

Dec 4, 2021
ProRenee Skincare Malaysia Brand Ambassador
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【ProRenee Skincare Malaysia Brand Ambassador】 🔥🔥
We are looking for young brand ambassadors in Malaysia!
Are you
👉17+ years old and above
👉Wants to look attractive and gain popularity
👉 Interested in building your personal brand
👉Interested in Skincare products
👉Passionate about skincare
Then, you can’t miss this opportunity!
🍀ProRenee SkinCare is a multinational cosmetic brand headquartered in Taiwan, superior in biotech, and import natural resources from the United States, Japan, and Europe.
We have been in Malaysia since 2007, with our office headquartered in Subang Jaya.
ProRenee Skincare believes in the essence of trustworthiness, honesty, and realism. Years of experience and knowledge enable us to provide high-quality products according to consumers’ needs
🔥* Selection information
▇ Ability traits
Lively and outgoing, open to sharing, active on social media
▇ Bonus requirements
1. Experienced in organizing events inside and outside of school
2. Experienced in managing personal social media communities
3. Experienced in content creation
▇ Mission and job
🍀Promoting and creating social media posts for ProRenee Skincare
1. Publish a related post every week to your personal social media (Instagram)
2. Share our Facebook page posts on your social media with published content (Facebook)
▇ Benefits of becoming a brand ambassador
1. Popularity and personal credibility
2. Related experiences on social media content creation
3. Marketing portfolio-building
▇ Other Benefits!
Exclusive commission on every product you sell (Terms and conditions apply)
▇ Timeline of related events
📌Job Term|January 1st through July 30th, 2022 (6 months)
📌Registration deadline| 23:59 ,December 20th ,2021
Upon our evaluation, we will announce the final results on Christmas December 25th, 2021! So don’t lose this opportunity! and Happy Holidays ahead!
For any inquiries please contact :
+886 985 378 080
📌Mrs. Cherry
📌Or message our Facebook, we'll be there to assist you!

Hyaluronic Acid Essence 玻尿酸海洋精華液 Changeed New package

Nov 26, 2021
Hyaluronic Acid Essence 玻尿酸海洋精華液 Changeed New package
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Hyaluronic Acid Essence 玻尿酸海洋精華液 Changeed New package

old package is 

DETAIL , PLEASE REFER http://www.prorenee.my

#prorenee  #renee # Hyaluronic Acid #Essence #玻尿酸

Micro Particle Cleanser NEW PACKING IS COMING SOON

Nov 26, 2021
Micro Particle Cleanser  NEW PACKING IS COMING SOON
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#prorenee #renee # Particle #Cleanser #ance

Free Gift for new customers

Nov 8, 2021
Free Gift for new customers
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🙌🙌 Free Gift for new customers !!!
👉Are you ready to redeem our #TravelwithMicroParticleCleanser ?
👉Are you ready to try out our best seller?
T&C Applies
*Only for new customers
*Micro-Particle Cleanser travel set as a free gift (15ml,RP RM29)
*limited stock only
* First come first served
👉How to redeem? So Easy ~
Guided steps below:
1. Like our FB page ProRenee Skincare ► https://www.facebook.com/ProRenee.com.my/

2. Share our Testimonial on your page https://fb.watch/8UHEe6Yv1t/
3. Send a screenshot ( two steps mentioned above) back to us ►whatsAPP
🍀Then you can get our #TravelwithMicroParticleCleanser free gift!
Limited only
Let's get Pretty !
Do message us if you have any problems related to the redemption, we are more than happy to reply!
🙌🙌 免费赠送好礼! ! !
👉您准备好兑换我们的 #TravelwithMicroParticleCleanser 了吗?
那把握机会了 !
* 先到先得
如何兑换? 好简单~
1. 点赞我们的FB Page ProRenee► https://www.facebook.com/ProRenee.com.my/
2. 分享我们的见证影片►https://fb.watch/8UIqjCVfBD/
3. 将截图( 上面两个步骤) 发回给我们►whatsAPP
TravelwithMicroParticleCleanser 免费礼物拉

#prorenee #renee #micro #cleanser #acen  #www.prorenee.my


Oct 30, 2021


#renee #prorenee #bbcream #sunblock

Happy Fridays!

Oct 6, 2021
Happy Fridays!
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Happy Fridays!
Introducing our exclusive best seller Micro Particle Cleanser🍀
👉Premium Exclusively from France with microcrystalline cellulose and amino acids clean factors
👉Gentle texture to remove excess skin debris, dirt and cosmetics residues,
👉Keeps the skin moist without drying it , facilitating better absorption.
Self care is a priority and necessity , so keep up the good work of loving yourself through extensive care
📍 pm or message us for more information

👉Premium 法國獨家含微晶纖維素和氨基酸清潔因子
📍 PM或私信www.prorenee.my 我們了解更多


How is your Tuesday going?

Sep 30, 2021
How is your Tuesday going?
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👉How is your Tuesday going?
Tired of work? Tired of Kids?
Thinking of where to bring your family and loved ones after the lockdown?
Pondering which restaurant or shopping mall to visit first?
Remember to stay stunning as always, with regular skincare and cleansing routine. Consulting sessions are welcomed, feel free to hit us up on our Facebook message or whastapp, you're always welcome to join our skincare community!
歡迎諮詢,隨時在我們的 Facebook 留言詢問或 whastapp 上聯繫我們,隨時歡迎您加入我們的護膚社區!


Start off the day with a skincare routine and off to work!

Sep 30, 2021
Start off the day with a skincare routine and off to work!
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Start off the day with a skincare routine and off to work!
Mondays are always so hard to get back on duty, but remember to look pretty and enjoy the day!


Happy Sundays!

Sep 30, 2021
Happy Sundays!
Upon the reopening on the 1st of October, what is the first thing you'd like to do?
Do share with us and tag a friend!
👉Have been receiving positive feedback from our customers on Hyaluronic Acid Essence 🍀
'' Soothing and non-stimulating''


How do you find inner beauty and wellness during pandemic times?

Sep 30, 2021
How do you find inner beauty and wellness during pandemic times?
“Grooming is important for human behavior because it makes us feel better and it boosts our self-esteem,” - Los Angeles Times
The pandemic has struck the globe, bringing our lives to a screeching halt. While most of us spend time at home during MCO, we still feel anxious about our appearance, our wellbeing, and our skin.
ProRenee wants to support customers through our products, to realize that our bodies are amazing, we are beautiful as a human, and that we deserve to find our true beauty.
“美容對人類很重要,因為它讓我們感覺更好,並提升我們的自尊,” - 洛杉磯時報
疫情席捲全球,讓我們的生活戛然而止。雖然我們大多數人在 MCO 期間都關在家裡,但我們仍然對自己的外表、健康和膚質非常在意。
ProRenee 希望透過我們的產品來支持我們的顧客,一同發現自己擁有多麼美麗的樣貌,更值得找到最好的自己。

Facial care tips during MCO

Sep 14, 2021
Facial care tips during MCO
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?? Facial care tips during MCO

The first step to preventing COVID-19 is to wear a face mask. However, they can cause your skin to dry out and cause acne. Using a mask can chafe the skin on the bridge of your nose, chin, cheeks, and even behind your ears. Therefore, ProRenee Skincare offers some facial care tips

??Establish a regular skincare routine.
The most efficient way is to cleanse and moisturize your face before and after using a mask.
ProRenee Skincare offers the following steps:

??Cleanse your face with Micro-Particle Cleanser

It contains collagen microcrystalline and can deep cleanse your skin, without causing irritation

Step 2
??Apply Bright White for oil metabolism and lightening

Provides gentle conditioning, purifies pores, improves roughness and dullness

Step 3
??Apply Hyaluronic Acid Essense for moisturizing

A quick penetration of the moisturizing components can immediately hydrate and moisturize the skin

Step 4
??Put on 7D Silky Extreme Moisturizing Cream

Last but not least, to prevent dullness and roughness and maintaining healthy skin, put on 7D Silky Extreme Moisturizing Cream. With its soft and delicate texture, 7D hydrates and locks in moisture

Then you’re all set.

??For more information regarding the products and their features, please leave a message on Facebook or Whatsapp or visit our website http://www.prorenee.my
??For a Chinese version, please follow us for more.https://www.facebook.com/ProRenee.com.my/photos/a.216833065042503/4631684386890660/



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🍀大學生分享的- 生活點滴- 卸妝篇

Apr 29, 2020
🍀大學生分享的- 生活點滴- 卸妝篇
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🍀大學生分享的- 生活點滴- 卸妝篇
台灣大學學生身兼創作小歌手分享ProRenee 的「香氛深層潔顏油」,歡迎大家給小歌手按讚點閱+ 分享喔!

Please press below : 


#https://www.facebook.com/ProRenee.com.my #https://www.prorenee.my/


Silky Extreme Morsturizing Cream

Mar 25, 2020
Silky Extreme Morsturizing Cream
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你也遇到這樣的困擾嗎?這些問題的解答就在薇蕾妮 #7D徒手逆齡術課程 中,從美容技巧到美容事業,技術與人流金流一次讓你搞懂問題所在👌
#7D徒手逆齡術課程 美容師非上不可的理由
🉐5 大徒手逆齡術:是不同傳統美容按摩手法的徒手類醫學美容,單就一項 #徒手臉部塑型術 就令傳統美容師驚艷不已。
💟薇蕾妮在開課期間遇過很多本身是美容師的學員,剛開始報名薇蕾妮 #7D徒手逆齡術課程 主要是想要知道徒手課程跟他們原本所學的傳統美容有什麼不同?在上完課之後才發現不只是能學會最新的美容技術與知識,更有創業經營輔導,一整套系統真的非常完整☺️,讓他們都直呼早點學會薇蕾妮的這套系統,就能少走許多冤枉路!





Bio Collagen Essence

Jul 12, 2018
Bio Collagen Essence
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ProReneBio Collagen Essence
The use of exclusive POLYAGEN & AQUAGEN.
Set toner, lotion, essence fluid multiple-efficient one , balabce PH, ebhance the skin supole &quick extreme warm feeling


#https://www.facebook.com/ProRenee.com.my #https://www.prorenee.my/


Testimonial by HaLa Product

Jul 10, 2018
Testimonial by HaLa Product
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Sheila share testimonial
ProRenee Skin Care help me confidence !
It is pure Collagen able Renew Skin deeplyIt is professional skin care product
Also got Hala.  



#https://www.facebook.com/ProRenee.com.my #https://www.prorenee.my/


Whitening 15 ,Only 14 days

Nov 9, 2017
Whitening  15  ,Only 14 days
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不必打美白?!  Only  Rm 300 , 
Like FB get Discount 
White 15 改真的看得?
Link below get answer: 



#https://www.facebook.com/ProRenee.com.my #https://www.prorenee.my/


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